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Car Brush Pro + FREE Car Detailing Guide

Car Brush Pro + FREE Car Detailing Guide

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  • Easy To Use
  • Prevents Injury
  • Saves A Ton of Time
  • Can stretch up to 62 inches in length

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The Ultimate Solution for Effortlessly Achieving a Sparkling Clean Car in Record Time! 

Introducing the Car Brush Pro, this revolutionary car wash brush combines cutting-edge technology with thoughtful design to bring you an unrivaled cleaning experience.

Featuring a 360-degree spinning mechanism, the Car Brush Pro ensures every inch of your vehicle receives the attention it deserves. Say goodbye to tedious manual scrubbing and hello to efficient and thorough cleaning. The brush effortlessly rotates, reaching those difficult-to-access areas, removing dirt, grime, and stubborn stains with ease.

Designed with convenience in mind, the Car Brush Pro boasts a long handle that provides optimal reach, allowing you to clean even the tallest vehicles without straining. No more bending over or stretching awkwardly to clean your car - enjoy a comfortable grip and maintain a healthy posture while achieving professional-grade results.

But that's not all! The Car Brush Pro also features an integrated soap dispenser, revolutionizing your car cleaning routine. With a simple push of a button, you can effortlessly dispense your preferred car wash soap directly onto the brush bristles, ensuring a consistent and thorough application. This intelligent design saves you time, eliminates the hassle of manual soap application, and ensures an even distribution of soap for a streak-free finish.


How To Use

Step 1: Attach the Brush Pro to your garden hose.

Step 2: Add soap to the soap dispenser

Step 3: Scrub your wash with your bush and wash your car as needed.

Step 4: Remove the mop/brush head and rinse your car with the water hose function


Material Inches CM
Plastic 40-62 102-158

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Unleash the Power of a 360° Spinning Brush

Transform the way you clean your car with the Car Brush Pro. Its innovative 360° spinning brush effortlessly removes dirt, grime, and stubborn stains from every nook and cranny of your vehicle. The rotating bristles ensure thorough cleaning, leaving your car sparkling clean and looking brand new.

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Clean Your Car with Ease

Say goodbye to backaches and strained muscles with the Car Brush Pro's long handle design. The extended reach allows you to clean even the tallest vehicles effortlessly.
Its comfortable grip ensures a firm hold, enabling you to maintain
control and achieve professional-quality results without any discomfort.

Efficient and Mess-Free Cleaning

Streamline your car washing routine with the Car Brush Pro's built-in
soap dispenser. With a simple press of a button, you can easily apply
your preferred car wash soap directly onto the brush bristles. This
intelligent design ensures an even and consistent distribution of soap,
saving you time and eliminating the hassle of manual soap application.
Achieve a streak-free, spotless finish every time.

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Effortlessly Transform Your Car Brush into a Powerful Spray Nozzle

Unleash the versatility of the Car Brush Pro with its innovative water hose function. With a simple twist and remove of the brush head top, this remarkable tool transforms into a high-pressure water hose, ready to tackle any cleaning task.

  • Auto Rotation

  • Soap Dispenser

  • Water Hose

Bonus Gift: Car Detailing Guide!


Many car enthusiasts and clean-freaks, detail-oriented car-owners, who want to showcase their pride-of-ownership, mingle and dabble in auto-detailing of various shapes and forms. It is about more than cleaning and valet-inside and out type services. Once set aside for specialists in this trade, the
tools and access, skill-set and methods have become more mainstream as
consumers opt to pay special attention to their cars. It is also no longer reserved to the hi-performance type vehicles. Now, even YOUR OWN
four-wheels can get the five-star treatment that auto-detailing has to


The Difference is Clear


CAR BRUSH PRO Regular Car Brushes
Long Handle
Soft Bristle Mop
10x Faster
Automatic Spin Function
Long Lasting
Can wash the largest cars
Prevents Injury
Water Hose Function

Get the #1 recommended Home Renovation Tool.
Invest in your home

  • Wash your car in minutes!
  • Versatile (Converts into a water hose)
  • No Mess
  • Precision Control

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How does the 360° spinning brush work?

The 360° spinning brush of the Car Brush Pro operates through a built-in mechanism that allows the bristles to rotate in all directions. This rotating action ensures thorough cleaning by reaching every angle and contour of your vehicle, effectively removing dirt, grime, and stains.

Can the Car Brush Pro handle different types of surfaces?

Yes, the Car Brush Pro is designed to be versatile and can safely clean various surfaces such as car exteriors, windows, rims, and even outdoor furniture. It is suitable for use on different materials, including metal, plastic, glass, and more.

Is the soap dispenser refillable?

Yes, the soap dispenser of the Car Brush Pro is refillable. Simply unscrew the dispenser cap, fill it with your preferred car wash soap or detergent, and securely fasten the cap back in place. It allows you to use your preferred cleaning solution for customized and effective car washing.

How far does the long handle reach?

The long handle of the Car Brush Pro is designed to provide optimal reach, allowing you to clean even tall vehicles with ease. On average, the handle extends up to 62 in to ensure comfortable cleaning while minimizing the need for bending or stretching.

Can the brush head be removed for other purposes?

Yes, the brush head of the Car Brush Pro can be easily removed. By twisting and detaching the brush head, you can transform the device into a powerful water hose. This versatile feature enables you to perform tasks such as rinsing off dirt, cleaning wheel wells, and watering plants, expanding its usability beyond car washing.

How do I clean and maintain the Car Brush Pro?

Cleaning and maintaining the Car Brush Pro is simple. After each use, rinse off any soap residue or debris from the brush head and handle. Ensure the brush is completely dry before storing it in a clean and dry area. Regularly check the connections and seals for any signs of wear or damage and replace them if necessary to maintain optimal performance.

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Eric M.
June 8th 2023

Product works well and was easy to put together very nice for the money

Eric M.
Verified Buyer
Josh Cb.
June 8th 2023

Soft and perfect for for the job. Cars look great!

Josh Cb.
Verified Buyer
Michelle L.
June 6th 2023

Product works well and was easy to put together very nice for the money

Michelle L.
Verified Buyer
Chris N.
June 5th 2023

Good item for the do it yourself car washer. Works Great! I recommend.

Chris N.
Verified Buyer
Mary B.
June 3rd 2023

This items is awesome, as a female washing my car at home is very easy now

Mary B.
Verified Buyer
Georgie D.
June 3rd 2023

Easy to install easy to operate makes car wash enjoyable I like the fact that I don’t have to bend down to wash the rims because of my lower back

Georgie D.
Verified Buyer
Bryan W
June 2nd 2023

I bought this set so my kids could help wash the car and reach higher with the pole extender. Works great for them! I like that there are 3 of the “heads” so you can switch them out if one gets dirty or use one to wash, one to dry and one to dust the inside. I also like that it has a handle on the head so you can use also use it easily without the extender

Bryan W
Verified Buyer
Cheryl B.
June 1st 2023

My dad is 70, with a lot of skeletal issues. No bending, he could use it easily. He especially likes the button that turns the water on and off because he does not have to go back to 2nd floor to turn off the faucet. What a handy tool!

Cheryl B.
Verified Buyer