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Jaysuing™️ Waterproof Sealant + FREE Home Improvement Guide!

Jaysuing™️ Waterproof Sealant + FREE Home Improvement Guide!

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  • Easy To Use
  • Fun Project for DIY Enthusiasts
  • Saves You A Ton of Money
  • Long Lasting Results

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Ultimate solution for all your waterproofing needs!

Whether you're dealing with a leaky pipe, a cracked container, or simply want to safeguard your belongings from moisture, Jaysuing™️ Waterproof Sealant is your go-to choice. Its powerful formulation creates a robust, long-lasting bond that withstands the test of time and provides an impenetrable barrier against water infiltration.

Say goodbye to leaks, cracks, and water damage with Jaysuing™️ Waterproof Sealant. Experience the confidence of having a reliable and visually pleasing solution that keeps moisture at bay. Choose Jaysuing™️ Waterproof Sealant today and unlock a world of waterproofing possibilities.

How To Use

Step 1: Clean the construction surface to ensure that the surface is free from debris and moisture

Step 2: Apply the product directly on the construction area with the brush

Step 3: Wait 24 hours for it to dry and do not touch during this time

Step 4: The waterproof layer can be formed after curing for a period of time

Then enjoy!

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  • Seals all types of leaks whether on roofs, walls, pipes, ceilings, window sills, etc...
  • Hypoallergenic (NOT TOXIC)
  • Has infinite lifespan
  • Can be used on any type of material (Iron, granite, wall, cement, brick, plastic, glass, etc.)
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Save Money on Home Renovations

Say goodbye to costly home renovations! The Jaysuing™️ Waterproof Sealant lets you take charge of your projects, saving you a ton of money in the process. By eliminating the need for expensive contractors and specialized equipment, this sealant allows use to fix cracks and leaks with ease. Now you can allocate your hard-earned money towards other areas of your home or indulge in additional outdoor improvements.

Works on almost any surface!

Nos job is too big or small for this Waterproof Sealant! Fix cracks,
leaks, plumbings, roofs, walls, and so much more! Its non toxic and
perfect for interior and exterior fixes!

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BONUS GIFT: Home Improvements That Increase The Value of Your Home

The ebook begins by introducing you to the fundamental concepts of home value and the factors that influence it. It then delves into specific areas of your home, offering targeted improvement suggestions that can yield the highest return on investment.

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or prefer to hire professionals, this ebook equips you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions, select the right projects, and navigate the home improvement process with confidence. Don't miss out on this invaluable resource if you're looking to transform your home into a valuable asset and maximize its market potential.


The Difference is Clear


JAYSUING Waterproof Sealant Regular Sealant Glue
Fast Drying
Easy to Use
Non Toxic & No Fumes
Free brush and Ebook Included
9,000 Happy Customers
Lasts a Lifetime
120 Day Guarantee
Best Pricing

Get the #1 recommended Home Renovation Tool.
Invest in your home

  • Super Easy to Use
  • Non Toxic and Safe
  • No Mess
  • Saves thousands of dollars on renovations

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How does Jaysuing™️ Waterproof Sealant work?

Jaysuing™️ Waterproof Sealant is a powerful adhesive that forms a durable and flexible bond when applied to surfaces. It dries to a clear, glossy finish, creating a waterproof barrier that effectively seals leaks and cracks.

What surfaces can Jaysuing™️ Waterproof Sealant be applied to?

Jaysuing™️ Waterproof Sealant is suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including glass, metal, plastic, ceramics, fabric, wood, and more. It provides excellent adhesion on various materials, making it versatile for numerous applications.

Is Jaysuing™️ Waterproof Sealant resistant to water and moisture?

Yes, absolutely! Jaysuing™️ Waterproof Sealant is specifically designed to be waterproof and highly resistant to moisture. It forms a protective layer that keeps water out, preventing leaks and water damage.

Can Jaysuing™️ Waterproof Sealant be painted over?

Yes, once the sealant is completely dry, it can be painted over if desired. However, keep in mind that applying paint may alter the transparent and glossy appearance of the sealant.

Is Jaysuing™️ Waterproof Sealant safe to use?

Jaysuing™️ Waterproof Sealant is designed with safety in mind. It is non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals. However, as with any adhesive product, it is advisable to follow the instructions and take necessary precautions during application.

How long does it take for Jaysuing™️ Waterproof Sealant to dry?

The drying time may vary depending on the thickness of the applied sealant and the environmental conditions. Generally, it dries within a 24 hours to form a solid, clear, and glossy finish.

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Eric M.
June 8th 2023

First rain after application, the water droplets bead on the surface. Better than I expected as this was lower cost than some other products. I bought more.

Eric M.
Verified Buyer
Josh Cb.
June 8th 2023

As you can see in the photo it’s raining but my patio it’s clear and unaffected. The rain is rolling right off of it!

Josh Cb.
Verified Buyer
Michelle L.
June 6th 2023

You can definitely see the difference. I bought a total of 10 tin to complete my project.

Michelle L.
Verified Buyer
Chris N.
June 5th 2023

Used Waterproof Insulation Sealant on new pool travertine and it sealed quite well and does not yellow. It is water based. Used two coats before dried.we will use that next time and for pavers we are adding in driveway.

Chris N.
Verified Buyer
Mary B.
June 3rd 2023

I applied this sealer on new broom finished concrete. The slab cured for 2 weeks prior to my application. Pics taken shortly after a rain.

Mary B.
Verified Buyer
Georgie D.
June 3rd 2023

I bought 10 Waterproof Insulation Sealant, first I cleaned out loose cement wall and patched any cracks and then brushed the rain guard around the wall of my porch almost one year, wait till now to rate it 5 stars because this product is really good! It is easy to apply and waterproof, when heavy rain hit the wall no water leaks inside wall under the porch. It solved the headache of water leak.

Georgie D.
Verified Buyer
Bryan W
June 2nd 2023

Over the years, the bottom of my back yard fountain had "eroded" away such that it no longer held water - it leaked out in a matter of hours. After letting it completely dry out for a month or so, I dabbed on six very thick coats of Liquid Rubber to the bottom and sides of the water tank part of the fountain at approximately 12 hour intervals. I allowed the last coat to dry for 30+ hours with a large box fan blowing down on it. It now holds water perfectly and I suspect that I will no longer have problems with it. The wife is very happy - happy wife, happy life.

Bryan W
Verified Buyer
Cheryl B.
June 1st 2023

Used it to fix a rock slide that was no longer smooth/ slippery when wet. This worked amazingly!! Nervous how it would hold up on the Arizona heat/sun but a month later still looks and works great!

Cheryl B.
Verified Buyer