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Harvest™️ Mini Chainsaw + FREE Lawn Care Guide!

Harvest™️ Mini Chainsaw + FREE Lawn Care Guide!

23,509 Happy Customers
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Cut Through Branches & Woods With Ease

Experience the effortless operation and impeccable control of the Harvest™️ mini chainsaw, requiring just a single hand to wield. With its user-friendly design, you can effortlessly navigate intricate gardening and landscaping tasks, reaching even the most challenging areas. Bid farewell to the burden of cumbersome, heavy chainsaws that impede your movements. Discover why an astounding number of over 23,500 satisfied customers have embraced the joy and simplicity of yard work with Harvest™️!

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Tackle Any Task with Ease: The Harvest™️ Mini Chainsaw

Unleash the power of the Harvest™️ Mini Chainsaw and bid farewell to the
struggles that have plagued your yard work endeavors. With its remarkable efficiency and ergonomic design, this mighty tool effortlessly overcomes your most stubborn gardening and landscaping challenges. Say goodbye to exhausting manual labor and hello to a newfound sense of accomplishment and pride.

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Liberation from Heavy, Bulky Chainsaws: Discover Freedom with the Harvest™️ Mini Chainsaw

Break free from the chains of traditional, weighty chainsaws that have held you back for far too long. The Harvest™️ Mini Chainsaw liberates
you from the burden of lugging around a massive, cumbersome tool,
allowing you to move with grace and agility. Feel the weight of the world lift off your shoulders as you effortlessly navigate through tight spaces, reaching every nook and cranny of your outdoor projects. Experience the joy of unencumbered movement and make yard work a delightful, fulfilling endeavor once again.

Unleash Your Inner Green Thumb: Embrace the Harvest™️ Mini Chainsaw

Are you ready to tap into your gardening prowess and create a
breathtaking landscape? The Harvest™️ Mini Chainsaw is your trusted companion on this exciting journey. Leave behind the frustrations of limited reach and restricted access to delicate areas. With this remarkable tool in hand, you'll experience a newfound sense of control and precision, effortlessly sculpting your outdoor oasis. Let the Harvest™️ Mini Chainsaw ignite your passion for gardening, making every project a delightful and rewarding experience.

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BONUS GIFT: Lawn Care Guide!

Inside this meticulously crafted guide, you'll discover a step-by-step approach to lawn care, covering every essential aspect of cultivating a thriving and beautiful grassy landscape. From selecting the right grass species for your region and understanding soil composition to proper mowing techniques, watering schedules, and implementing effective fertilization strategies, this book equips you with the essential knowledge to create and maintain a healthy, verdant
lawn that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Whether you aspire to host memorable outdoor gatherings, provide a safe play area for children and pets, or simply take pride in a beautifully manicured yard, this ebook will empower you to unlock the secrets of lawn care success. By implementing the strategies outlined in this guide, you'll be well on your way to achieving the perfect lawn, creating an inviting oasis that will enhance the beauty and value of your property for years to come.


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HARVEST MINI SAW Regular Chainsaws
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3x Faster
One Handed Use
23,000 Happy Customers
120 Day Guarantee
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Get the #1 recommended Home Renovation Tool.
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  • Chop branches minutes!
  • One Hand Use
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Is the Harvest™️ Mini Chainsaw suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! The Harvest™️ Mini Chainsaw is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to handle, even for beginners. Additionally, it comes with intuitive controls and safety features to ensure a smooth and safe experience for users of all skill levels.

Can the Harvest™️ Mini Chainsaw handle heavy-duty tasks?

Despite its compact size, the Harvest™️ Mini Chainsaw is a powerful tool capable of tackling a wide range of tasks. From pruning branches to cutting firewood, this mini chainsaw delivers impressive performance. However, for extremely large or heavy-duty jobs, a larger chainsaw may be more suitable.

How long does the battery of the Harvest™️ Mini Chainsaw last?

The Harvest™️ Mini Chainsaw is equipped with a long-lasting battery that provides ample runtime. On a full charge, it can operate for an average of 4-8 hours, allowing you to accomplish a significant amount of work before needing to recharge. The exact battery life may vary depending on the intensity of usage and the thickness of the materials being cut.

Is the Harvest™️ Mini Chainsaw easy to maintain?

Yes, maintaining the Harvest™️ Mini Chainsaw is hassle-free. It features a low-maintenance design, and basic care practices will keep it in excellent working condition. Regularly clean the chain, lubricate the bar, and ensure the battery is charged according to the provided guidelines. These simple steps will ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Can I use the Harvest™️ Mini Chainsaw for indoor projects?

The Harvest™️ Mini Chainsaw is primarily designed for outdoor use. However, for certain indoor projects that involve cutting small branches, trimmings, or crafting purposes, it can be used with caution. Always prioritize safety and ensure proper ventilation when using any power tool indoors.

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Eric M.
June 8th 2023

I received this mini chainsaw last week and ordered some bar and chain oil for it. Yesterday I used it to cut down two low hanging branches on my mesquite tree as well as some smaller shoots off my other trees. I also cut a couple of large roots that my neighbor's tree had grown on my side of the fence. It also cut a fence picket! Absolutely incredible.

Eric M.
Verified Buyer
Josh Cb.
June 8th 2023

I bought this for myself because it looked like it would be easy to handle and it is, but I find my husband using it all the time. It’s great for just small things. It’s easy to handle, the batteries last long and they send two batteries and an extra chain. This was an awesome thing to buy for myself even though I find my husband using it most of the time. Great price!

Josh Cb.
Verified Buyer
Michelle L.
June 6th 2023

We have a yard full of trees and plenty of branches. I received the saw last week and used it the weekend. So far it’s worked great on branches I needed to trim off or cut to a smaller size to burn. It was so nice not to start the larger chain saw. So far I am pleasantly surprised!

Michelle L.
Verified Buyer
Chris N.
June 5th 2023

Our landscaping requires a lot of regular pruning that is hard to accomplish with just clippers but not intense enough for a full-size chainsaw. Enter the mini-chainsaw! It was easy to assemble while watching the video (recommended) and even easier to use. I am a senior female, and I appreciate the combination of the power I need with ease of use.

Chris N.
Verified Buyer
Mary B.
June 3rd 2023

We had another mini chainsaw that only worked for two days. We returned it, and purchased this one, because it had the extra battery. It works like a dream, and can go 2-3 hours of straight sawing without changing the battery. The second battery comes in handy when you have a big job. It almost works better than our full size chainsaw. We love it.

Mary B.
Verified Buyer
Georgie D.
June 3rd 2023

I love that little 6" saw, I take it on walks through our property and blast new trails. I use it every day and it works reliably without a hitch. Great buy!

Georgie D.
Verified Buyer
Bryan W
June 2nd 2023

So far I'm very impressed with this little chain saw. I bought it to help cutting back my Mango tree but its been so easy to use, I'm finding other trees that need trimming or corrective pruning from when I used a saw. I was a little puzzled what type of oil to lubricate with and have been using motor oil SAE 30. Seems to work. I've taken it apart once to clean and since it didn't require any tools - it was a breeze. I really like my new toy!

Bryan W
Verified Buyer
Cheryl B.
June 1st 2023

It's amazing how powerful this little saw is. I am 69yrs old and I had a lot of limbs that were in the way of mowing taken down fast. Now if I could only get them stacked by the road for city to hauled off.

Cheryl B.
Verified Buyer